Is It Time To Get Up?

After an exciting night of building my brand new website for Malachi Marketing LLC, I was very anxious to get back up this morning and dive back into the site.

WordPress offers what is called a JetPack, that was the neatest plugin! Drag and drop … answer a few questions and the little JetPack Genie comes flying out of the save button and instantly turns your website into a professional code writers dream.

So after staying up until 2 am working on the Malachi Marketing site, I get the brainy idea that maybe this plugin is available for the Amish Shop Online site.

So away I go … login to Amish Shop Online and the hunt was on. Within a matter of a few seconds I found the plugin and hit the install button and a little box pops up and asks me if I’m sure I want to install …. uh oh, the panic button went off and I cancelled the install.

But after a few minutes of stewing on it and remembering just how much fun it was to use in my other site … I hit the magic button and the little JetPack Genie came from out of nowhere, asked me a couple of questions and BOOM … instantly set up the JetPack on my Amish Shop Online dashboard.

Now of course, I have this new toy to play with on Amish Shop Online, I can’t go to bed just yet. I have to play around with the all of the fancy toys and add neat little updates to the site.

You will notice that at the bottom of every page you can share this with your Facebook friends, other Tweeters, your professional network in LinkedIn, slap it over to your Google+ and pin it to your Pinterest board!

Oh and the button that I love to see on my favorite websites …. the printer button! Life is just so grand.

By 3 am there was a film of tiredness covering my eye’s and I could no longer see the screen to continue. If that fog had not been there, I would have kept right on going, I was having way too much fun.

Well I hope you enjoy the new toys that I’ve added to the Amish Shop Online site and I hope you will visit us often on the Malachi Marketing site.

Malachi Marketing LLC can be reached at 330-827-8394. We have Independent Sales Consultants to help you with all of your marketing needs. From Print Products to Marketing Strategies including Co-op Reimbursement Management.


What is the benefit of hiring Malachi Marketing?

Written by Sarah J. Grezlik

Many companies today are trying to find ways to trim that fat off their budgets and yet keep their advertising at a progressive pace. That can be very difficult if you are contemplating hiring a full-time employee to handle only the advertising and Social Media aspect of your business. Malachi Marketing LLC offers a solution that many smaller companies have come to embrace.

The typical advertising agency can be out of reach for many small businesses to implore for help with their advertising, and based on the income and the size of the company it may not be feasible. Large scale advertising agencies can offer big companies great exposure on a larger scale nationally and produce top of the line campaigns that a smaller company could never afford. So how does the smaller company keep up and grow when the budget keeps them from progressing to that level?

That is where a business like Malachi Marketing LLC can offer the solution that you are looking for. Because we are independent you are not burdened with normal employee issues that a full-time or even a part-time employee would require the company to take care of.

Now you can hire a company part-time based on the actual work that is handled for a fraction of what it would cost the company to hire a full-time or even a part-time employee. You have the same control over what is happening with your advertising budget as if you were running it in-house without the stress of worrying about another person on the payroll.

With Malachi Marketing LLC you only pay for the work we actually handle. In the long run this saves you money. Money that can be put towards increasing your advertising budget and promoting the company that you love so much.

It is very time-consuming to gather all of the information from each of the proposed publications and various medias that you may be interested in advertising with. We already have established relationships with the majority of the local medias. You then have to figure out which ones are going to hit your target audience and bring you ROI. Because we are already actively using many of these media options we already have a good sense of their demographics and their reach.

There are small things to ask for, that on your own you may forget because you have other priorities that need to be addressed with the everyday operations of your business. Those questions can be delegated to us to find the answers.

When possible we look for ways to help you capitalize on co-op dollars that may be available to your company.  You may have never taken the time to capitalize on this because it can be mind-boggling to say the least. For businesses that have co-op available and are not using it … that is where we can help the most.

Here is a great example where hiring us could have helped you gain and save money at the same time:

Let’s say that last year you carried a brand that offered you $10,000 in co-op funds but at the end of the year when you look back you never filed for a single penny of it.

You may have spent a grand total of $20,000 in advertising last year out of your own pocket and totally let $10,000 slip right through your hands.

That is where we can come in and help you use that money towards your advertising at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire a full-time employee to make sure those funds are used.

At $10,000 in refundable co-op it would not be wise to hire someone full or even part-time to handle it for your company. But there is an alternative. Hire us at a percentage of the over all advertising that we handle for your company, and you will be way ahead of the game at the end of the year.

The services that we offer replace the need to hire an in-house advertising / marketing person but still keep you up-to-date with a regular advertising campaign.

You maintain complete control in-house of all of your advertising invoices and contracts while we take care of helping you fulfill those contracts and file for your co-op reimbursements.

We take the time to meet with you regularly to make sure that we are staying on track with your advertising campaigns and then we take care of designing and getting prior co-op approvals on the ads that are scheduled for publication or broadcast.

The next time you sit down and look over your budget and you are trying to figure out a way to stay on top of your advertising without hiring an employee … give us a call, we will set up a time to sit down to discuss how we can be of service and what we offer in return for our services. The initial consultation is free, so what do you have to lose for asking?

Malachi Marketing LLC can be reached at 330-827-8394. We have Independent Sales Consultants to help you with all of your marketing needs. From Print Products to Marketing Strategies including Co-op Reimbursement Management.



How To Make Advertising Pay

Trainer: Sarah J. Grezlik
Award winning sales and design

Advertising doesn’t pay:

Consider, a man wakes up in the morning after sleeping on an advertised bed in advertised pajamas. He will bathe in an advertised bath, wash with advertised soap, shave with an advertised razor, have a breakfast of advertised juice, cereal and toast which was toasted in an advertised toaster, put on advertised clothes and look at the time on his advertised watch. He will drive to work in an advertised car, sit at an advertised computer, drink his favorite advertised drink and write with his advertised pen. Yet this man hesitates to advertise, saying that advertising does not pay. Finally, when it is too late and his unadvertised business goes broke, he will then advertise it for sale.

From: Stephenson, J., & Thurman, C. (2007). Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide (2 ed., p.111). Irvine, CA:
Entrepreneur Press.

Advertising Layouts:
Color, Layout, Text & Objects
These four elements should work together to communicate a message about the product and create branding for the business.

Target Audience:
What do you notice in the ad, is it speaking to the needs of your target audience?
What do each of the elements in the ad symbolize?
Colors often subliminally target certain emotions: Green often reminds us of money or ecology; the American flag can symbolize freedom, etc.

2 Key Questions:
1. What claims are the advertisers making about the product?
2. How do the color, layout, text & objects work together to help make those claims?

Is this good advertising?
1. What can you see in this ad? Your artwork should line up with your message.
2. What is the ad for? Are you promoting a sale or aiming for recognition in your field?
3. How do you know? Can you tell by the use of bursts that this is a sale ad?
4. Is it easy to tell? Doe your message stand out from the rest of the ad?
5. Is the ad effective? Is it easy to read, not too cluttered, art matches the message, etc.
6. How? Does it jump off the page and stand out next to other ads on the same page?
7. Does it make you want to buy this product or service? Ultimately … this is the goal. If the ad does not motivate return on your investment then the ad is not effective.

1. Write an effective headline – your headline should draw the consumer into the ad. A question that may be weighing on the minds of your target audience is a great way to pull them into the ad.
2. Appeal to the senses – Your senses motivate every decision you make. Have you ever caught yourself making a trip to the fridge after a mouth-watering commercial with a juicy hamburger?
3. Attract the audience with illustration – Your headline and your artwork should coincide … if your header is “Tired Achy Feet?” , then your illustration should demonstrate a person sitting down rubbing their tired achy feet.
4. Create a business logo – this logo will become your signature that you use to brand your image on the consumer’s mind. It’s like this, Pepsi and Coke Cola … the minute that you see or say either of those names you conjure up images of their logo’s in your mind. These companies recognized the importance of branding their image on your mind and they spent millions of dollars in advertising to stay at the forefront of your memory.
5. slogan – To this day when you think of Campbell’s Soup … the slogan “Mmm, Mmm Good” will pop in your mind. A slogan should be short sweet and easy to associate with the business.
6. Print advertising layout – layout’s have many aspects that need to be considered in the design and we will go over a few of these in the following section. One of the number one things that I always push is this … the art should NEVER face out of the ad. Art that is not placed properly can do more harm than good. If a subjects eye’s in a photo are looking away from the ad they are in, then the readers eye’s will follow them right out of the ad.

Max is 2-3 different fonts.
Use fonts that grab attention and are easily read.
Use line length that is approx. 39 characters

Body text
large size font should never be used for body text. A smaller size font than the headline font helps to distinguish between the two.

The “S” Shape method
The “S” shape method is used to remember the basic “flow” of an ad.
The top of your “S” is the Caption / Header (this is what draws the consumer into the ad) Ask a relevent question to capture the audience.
Example: Is your In-Grown Toenail causing you pain?
The middle of the “S” is the body of your text. This is where the answer to the question lies.
You do not need to suffer anymore. At Healthy Feet, we will resolve the root issue behind your In-Grown toenails to alleviate future pain.
(short, sweet to the point – you only have seconds to capture your audiences imagination – use those seconds wisely)
“We make walking fun again”
The bottom of your “S” is where the answer to the header lies – who can help me! This is where your logo, address and phone number lies … in some cases you will also have the business hours. If they are not absolutely necessary … leave the hours out .. they take up VALUABLE white space and in the instance of a medical professionals ad they are not necessary as an appointment is almost always needed to see the doctor.

(logo) Healthy Feet
(address) 111 Fungus Foot Rd., Footsie, GA 00000
(phone) 1-800-TOE-PAIN


Malachi Marketing LLC can be reached at 330-827-8394. We have Independent Sales Consultants to help you with all of your marketing needs. From Print Products to Marketing Strategies including Co-op Reimbursement Management.

Marketing Strategies – Malachi Marketing Concepts Give Your Business the Edge in Multi-Media Options

Written by Sarah J. Grezlik, owner of Malachi Marketing LLC

MarketingAdvertisingOnline Advertising, Websites, Blogging, Social Media, Radio, Newspaper, Yellow Pages, Television, Promotional Products, Coupon Clippers, Weekly’s, Daily’s, SEO, SMO, APPS, the list goes on and on.

How do you know where is the best place to spend your advertising dollars?

What is beneficial to your business?

Malachi Marketing LLC has a few tips to share with you to make your advertising dollars go farther.

Number one: before you go any farther and make any decisions at all about advertising stop and get to know your books. Yes that’s right, you need to know how much money you have to spend on advertising before you can take another step.

You must have a budget in place in order for your company to run efficiently, and a part of that budget needs to be a portion of your gross income that is set aside for advertising.

How do you come up with the correct amount to spend in advertising?

You first need to recognize where your business stands in terms of wants and needs for your clientele. Are you a grocery store that your customers will re-visit on a regular basis, or are you a car dealer that will not see your customer for at least two to five years between sales?

Is your location easy to find and great road frontage or are you tucked away in a back alley or on a country road in the middle of nowhere?

Do you have prices that fit every level of customer needs or are your price points targeting a higher income level?

The answers to these questions will help you to determine what percentage of your gross total needs to be invested in advertising.

The average business in America will invest between 2-7% of their annual gross income back into marketing their business. A well established business with a regular consistent clientele can get away with a 2% budget.

A business that is brand new and working to build their reputation and brand their company name may need to go as high as 7% until they are established. The average business will consistently invest between 3-4% annually in advertising.

Now that you have chosen which percentage you are comfortable investing in your company you can start to put a plan together for your annual advertising budget.

Think of it like a pie. To make this simple and easy to follow lets take a nice rounded number and a nice rounded equal part pie to give you an idea on how to start the set up of your budget.

Let’s start with a $40,000 annual advertising budget. (As your business grows, your budget will increase automatically with your income based on the percentage that you choose to invest in advertising).

Let’s say for the sake of making this simple that you are going to split your pie in equal fourths. Let’s say that you have decided that you are interested in advertising with your local newspaper, local radio stations, television and internet services. If we take our $40,000 and divide it equally between the four selections that we have made we have decided that we are going to invest $10,000 in each venue.

Now that we have chosen our venues we can now focus on how we are going to spend our annual budget. Ultimately what that means to you is this …. you can spend $10,000 in newspaper advertising, $10,000 in radio advertising, $10,000 in television advertising and finally $10,000 in internet services.

The next step is to put a plan into motion for the year. You have twelve months to look at spreading your $10,000 budget in. For the most part your budget should be evenly spent throughout the year.

But there are a few things to keep in mind that may make you spend more of your budget in one month compared to another. One of those things is your prime selling season, another would be an Anniversary Sale or Inventory Reduction Sale. During those times you will need to spend heavier to promote your event or season.

Since you should have a consistent message all the time you should not leave certain months out because it is your slow time.

During your slow times it is even more important to keep your business name top of mind. When your customer is ready to make the buying decision, you want to be the first one that comes to mind ultimately giving you the edge over your competition.

Having a well-rounded budget gives you more control over your advertising. In the end it also gives you more buying power because you will be more focused on getting the best bang for your buck.

There are many more advertising tips that will enhance your advertising campaigns and I will discuss those in future articles. But first …. know your books, and then you will be ready to take the next step.

At Malachi Marketing LLC, we offer services to help you with these big decisions and we do the research for you to make sure that the venues that you are considering are worth your investment. To contact me or one of my associates for assistance with your advertising, call us at 740-269-2705 or 330-827-8394. You can email us at

Malachi Marketing LLC can be reached at 330-827-8394. We have Independent Sales Consultants to help you with all of your marketing needs. From Print Products to Marketing Strategies including Co-op Reimbursement Management.

Dennison/Uhrichsville: A History In Pictures

Written by Sarah J. Grezlik

The birth of “Dennison/Uhrichsville: A History In Pictures” took place in 2012 after I met with Joan Haas Devore. I had seen her huge collection of historical photos and old postcards on Facebook and I contacted her about buying a book if she ever published one.

At first I was interested in buying a book if she ever published one. After talking with her I realized that she actually needed someone just like myself that had the knowledge on how to organize getting the book to press and so I offered Malachi Marketing‘s services to help her get this valuable collection preserved for future generations.

Malachi Marketing LLC was still fairly new and I was not sure that I wanted to take on a project of this magnitude, but at the same time I really wanted to be a part of something that had this much historical significance. Plus, I also realized that since I myself was a huge history buff that I would take a more personal interest in the project being done well.

Being a history buff, what I saw was a history that was irreplaceable, and of huge importance to future generations that wish to research their family tree. Many of her photo’s showcase the local businesses and events that took place in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.

Joan started collecting Dennison and Uhrichsville memorabilia many years ago and has amassed a huge collection of not just postcards and photo’s but also High School programs, city directories, bricks and clay products from the huge brick industry that was a major part of what built these two towns. Her knowledge of the two towns would make her an invaluable speaker at any local function that would like to know more about Dennison and Uhrichsvillle.

We started out by having a staff meeting and working on the idea of selling advertising to help sponsor the publication of the book since finance’s was one of the main reasons that publishing the book was not feasible. Sevilla Pankuch went to work right away on talking with area businesses about sponsoring advertising in the book. The response was very positive and the feedback once the book was published was wonderful. Many businesses that did not get to participate in the advertising called and asked about being contacted if we ever publish another one in the future.

After coming up with a plan and a few ideas we went to work on the sale of the advertising while our graphic artist, Cheri Hutson went to work with Joan on gathering the photo’s, postcards and historical information to go with each picture that was to be used in the publication of the book.

As a group we decided to name the book Dennison/Uhrichsville: A History In Pictures. We wanted the name of the book to reflect the two towns as well as let the public know that it was a pictorial view of the two cities.

We started focusing on the book in January of 2012 and by the end of May 2012 we were at the press with our first run of 300 books. By the end of July we went back to press and published another 50 copies.

Currently we are taking orders for the next run and when we hit a total of 25 orders we will go back to press again.

For more information on how to order your copy please call either myself, Sarah J. Grezlik at 749-269-2705 or Joan Haas Devore at 740-922-2843.

We can also be reached at

Malachi Marketing LLC can be reached at 330-827-8394. We have Independent Sales Consultants to help you with all of your marketing needs. From Print Products to Marketing Strategies including Co-op Reimbursement Management.

Welcome to the Malachi Marketing LLC Website!

By Sarah J. Tatman Grezlik

In 2010 I had a goal, to have a website for my new company Malachi Marketing LLC. After much anticipation and thoughts about how to go about setting up a site the day finally came when I made the purchase of a domain name.

The domain name was purchased more than a year ago, but for some reason I never found the time to dig into setting up the site to go along with it. Then in September of 2012 I met a wonderful young man named Joe Leavers at the Tuscarawas County Fair. Joe has taught me a lot about websites since that time frame.

Joe and his wife Kori have a site where they tell the story about Kori’s near death experience and how a special nutritional supplement saved her life. You can read all about her life changing experience at

I sat down again with Joe this evening and we went over a few essential changes to the site for Amish Shop Online and then before we parted ways he helped me set up the new website for Malachi Marketing LLC. I left our little meeting at the coffee shop so excited to get home and get started on the design of the new site!

After getting home I found myself digging through and trying to activate the new WordPress site and chatting online with my host to find out what I was doing wrong. Well my whole problem boiled down to the fact that I needed to register a new account. I’ll bet my friendly little chat guy … Scott L., must have thought he was on chat with a crazy woman. But he was very patient and helpful and in the end, like I said … my whole problem boiled down to merely registering a new account and abracadabra … the magic genie jumped out of the WordPress site and whipped me up a great looking site.

I had no idea how easy this whole process has been made. It’s absolutely smooth. They have the links set up already and all you have to do is select the ones you want and drop them in the box and the whole world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Printer buttons, and even email buttons just magically appear. Best of all when I set up a new post it will automatically post to all of the sites that I have selected for instant notification that I have a new post.

So now I’m all excited about the new site and learning how to make this site exciting and user friendly. Keep your eyes on us over here at Malachi Marketing LLC … we are growing with leaps and bounds!

Malachi Marketing LLC can be reached at 330-827-8394. We have Independent Sales Consultants to help you with all of your marketing needs. From Print Products to Marketing Strategies including Co-op Reimbursement Management.