Is It Time To Get Up?

After an exciting night of building my brand new website for Malachi Marketing LLC, I was very anxious to get back up this morning and dive back into the site.

WordPress offers what is called a JetPack, that was the neatest plugin! Drag and drop … answer a few questions and the little JetPack Genie comes flying out of the save button and instantly turns your website into a professional code writers dream.

So after staying up until 2 am working on the Malachi Marketing site, I get the brainy idea that maybe this plugin is available for the Amish Shop Online site.

So away I go … login to Amish Shop Online and the hunt was on. Within a matter of a few seconds I found the plugin and hit the install button and a little box pops up and asks me if I’m sure I want to install …. uh oh, the panic button went off and I cancelled the install.

But after a few minutes of stewing on it and remembering just how much fun it was to use in my other site … I hit the magic button and the little JetPack Genie came from out of nowhere, asked me a couple of questions and BOOM … instantly set up the JetPack on my Amish Shop Online dashboard.

Now of course, I have this new toy to play with on Amish Shop Online, I can’t go to bed just yet. I have to play around with the all of the fancy toys and add neat little updates to the site.

You will notice that at the bottom of every page you can share this with your Facebook friends, other Tweeters, your professional network in LinkedIn, slap it over to your Google+ and pin it to your Pinterest board!

Oh and the button that I love to see on my favorite websites …. the printer button! Life is just so grand.

By 3 am there was a film of tiredness covering my eye’s and I could no longer see the screen to continue. If that fog had not been there, I would have kept right on going, I was having way too much fun.

Well I hope you enjoy the new toys that I’ve added to the Amish Shop Online site and I hope you will visit us often on the Malachi Marketing site.

Malachi Marketing LLC can be reached at 330-827-8394. We have Independent Sales Consultants to help you with all of your marketing needs. From Print Products to Marketing Strategies including Co-op Reimbursement Management.