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Malachi Marketing LLC offers an excellent variety of Multi-Media options. We prefer to sit down and get to know our client and then transfer the integrity of each business owner into the media we create for them. We enjoy the challenge of bringing an individual’s ideas for their business to life in print and social media. Following is a list of the many products and services we currently offer. As we grow … so does our products and services!

Print Products:

  • Business Cards – unique because we give you heavy-duty, high gloss, full process color cards on BOTH sides of the card!
  • Tri-folds – we offer tri-folds in a variety of sizes and paper weights to fit the individual’s needs and budget.
  • Magazines – we currently publish two annual magazines, the “Amish Service Guide” and “Out and Around Carroll County”
  • Product Catalogs – these high gloss catalogs are a great way to showcase your companies products in a presentation that is sure to impress your clients.
  • Book Marks – a great way to remind your customers about your business every time they pick up their Bible or a book they are currently reading.
  • Magnetic Business Cards – everyone goes to their refrigerator multiple times a day, make sure that you are in front of them each and every time delivering your message with every trip to the fridge!
  • Stickers – these are a great way to identify your company with every single product delivery you make. Use stickers on products that you manufacture to remind them about your business each and every time they use the product.
  • Sale Tags – Sale tags come with a string for sticker free attachment to your product. You can write out special information about a product along with the retail price. Great for gun shops and hand-crafted furniture stores.
  • Postcards – wonderful for sending out special sales notices to your own mailing list or to bulk mailing lists. Mailing Services are not provided, however we have other connections that we will hook you up with to help you with the mailing.

Internet Services:

  • Social Media Optimization – you are busy and keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn and many more … all take time out of your already very busy day. We offer you a service at a rate that will cost you a fraction of what it would to employ a staff member to handle your social media in-house.
  • Blogging – after a while everyone runs out of ideas. We stay current with stories that are not just about your business but stories that are related to your industry. These stories can help to grow your personal website traffic because the content is there to boost your rankings.  
  • WordPress – if you have a current website that is set up in WordPress we can help you keep it maintained and current. Your time is valuable and taking the time to add new content can be very time-consuming. We can help you keep it fresh.

Marketing Consultation Services:

  • Co-op Redemption – if you are offering products that are coming from major manufacturers there is a good possibility that you may be missing out on help with your advertising budget. We help you identify and seek out co-op dollars from many major manufacturers. 
  • Marketing Strategy – all of those media outlets can be mind-boggling. We help you to identify which media outlets will benefit your business the best. We will negotiate contracts for you with the medias and then help you stay on budget for the year. We also help you to free up your time by handling all of those calls you get every single day from sales people wanting you to advertise in every medium under the sun.
  • Graphic Design Services – you have a real big sale coming up and you want to make sure that your ad is not slapped together. You want it to reflect your values and grab the attention of the reader. We can help you with that. Our design staff will personally design your ads and flyers giving you more control over the final advertising design before it hits the press.
  • Logo Design – so far you have just been typing out the name of your business in a special font that you have come to like. Sometimes you get creative and you change the font up a little. However, you are missing the key component to a successful logo. A successful logo should be consistent and reflect your business in a positive light. Anything that you put your name on should have the exact same consistent logo burning its image into the minds of your potential clients. We work with you to come up with a design that you will use for years to come to identify your business.

For more information on how Malachi Marketing LLC can help with your Multi-Media needs please give us a call at 330.827.8394.

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