Welcome to the Malachi Marketing LLC Website!

By Sarah J. Tatman Grezlik

In 2010 I had a goal, to have a website for my new company Malachi Marketing LLC. After much anticipation and thoughts about how to go about setting up a site the day finally came when I made the purchase of a domain name.

The domain name www.malachimarketingllc.com was purchased more than a year ago, but for some reason I never found the time to dig into setting up the site to go along with it. Then in September of 2012 I met a wonderful young man named Joe Leavers at the Tuscarawas County Fair. Joe has taught me a lot about websites since that time frame.

Joe and his wife Kori have a site www.ZijaExtreme.com where they tell the story about Kori’s near death experience and how a special nutritional supplement saved her life. You can read all about her life changing experience at ZijaExtreme.com.

I sat down again with Joe this evening and we went over a few essential changes to the site for Amish Shop Online and then before we parted ways he helped me set up the new website for Malachi Marketing LLC. I left our little meeting at the coffee shop so excited to get home and get started on the design of the new site!

After getting home I found myself digging through and trying to activate the new WordPress site and chatting online with my host to find out what I was doing wrong. Well my whole problem boiled down to the fact that I needed to register a new account. I’ll bet my friendly little chat guy … Scott L., must have thought he was on chat with a crazy woman. But he was very patient and helpful and in the end, like I said … my whole problem boiled down to merely registering a new account and abracadabra … the magic genie jumped out of the WordPress site and whipped me up a great looking site.

I had no idea how easy this whole process has been made. It’s absolutely smooth. They have the links set up already and all you have to do is select the ones you want and drop them in the box and the whole world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Printer buttons, and even email buttons just magically appear. Best of all when I set up a new post it will automatically post to all of the sites that I have selected for instant notification that I have a new post.

So now I’m all excited about the new site and learning how to make this site exciting and user friendly. Keep your eyes on us over here at Malachi Marketing LLC … we are growing with leaps and bounds!

Malachi Marketing LLC can be reached at 330-827-8394. We have Independent Sales Consultants to help you with all of your marketing needs. From Print Products to Marketing Strategies including Co-op Reimbursement Management.