Dennison/Uhrichsville: A History In Pictures

Written by Sarah J. Grezlik

The birth of “Dennison/Uhrichsville: A History In Pictures” took place in 2012 after I met with Joan Haas Devore. I had seen her huge collection of historical photos and old postcards on Facebook and I contacted her about buying a book if she ever published one.

At first I was interested in buying a book if she ever published one. After talking with her I realized that she actually needed someone just like myself that had the knowledge on how to organize getting the book to press and so I offered Malachi Marketing‘s services to help her get this valuable collection preserved for future generations.

Malachi Marketing LLC was still fairly new and I was not sure that I wanted to take on a project of this magnitude, but at the same time I really wanted to be a part of something that had this much historical significance. Plus, I also realized that since I myself was a huge history buff that I would take a more personal interest in the project being done well.

Being a history buff, what I saw was a history that was irreplaceable, and of huge importance to future generations that wish to research their family tree. Many of her photo’s showcase the local businesses and events that took place in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.

Joan started collecting Dennison and Uhrichsville memorabilia many years ago and has amassed a huge collection of not just postcards and photo’s but also High School programs, city directories, bricks and clay products from the huge brick industry that was a major part of what built these two towns. Her knowledge of the two towns would make her an invaluable speaker at any local function that would like to know more about Dennison and Uhrichsvillle.

We started out by having a staff meeting and working on the idea of selling advertising to help sponsor the publication of the book since finance’s was one of the main reasons that publishing the book was not feasible. Sevilla Pankuch went to work right away on talking with area businesses about sponsoring advertising in the book. The response was very positive and the feedback once the book was published was wonderful. Many businesses that did not get to participate in the advertising called and asked about being contacted if we ever publish another one in the future.

After coming up with a plan and a few ideas we went to work on the sale of the advertising while our graphic artist, Cheri Hutson went to work with Joan on gathering the photo’s, postcards and historical information to go with each picture that was to be used in the publication of the book.

As a group we decided to name the book Dennison/Uhrichsville: A History In Pictures. We wanted the name of the book to reflect the two towns as well as let the public know that it was a pictorial view of the two cities.

We started focusing on the book in January of 2012 and by the end of May 2012 we were at the press with our first run of 300 books. By the end of July we went back to press and published another 50 copies.

Currently we are taking orders for the next run and when we hit a total of 25 orders we will go back to press again.

For more information on how to order your copy please call either myself, Sarah J. Grezlik at 749-269-2705 or Joan Haas Devore at 740-922-2843.

We can also be reached at

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